Living Just A Little

"A grown and sexy read for the grown and sexy reader" 


About the Book

Ellis is a man whose soul turned cold after witnessing two city blocks burn down before his eyes.  The love he seeks is a love he has yet to return…until a chance meeting.

Sylvania wants more from life but believes she has less to give.  She knows she’s more than just a pair of tight jeans but cannot bring others to that same belief.

Devon, a man torn between what’s in his heart and in his mind.  Whichever he chooses may have to remain a secret if he wants to climb the social ladder before him.

An empty vessel, filling soul and time with cheap wine, cheap men, and cheap love, that's Twist. There is a secret holding her from true fulfillment and she’s afraid to let it set her free.


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Learn more about Darryl and his journey.

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