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Living Just A Little: The Conversation

The Hole That's Left Behind

Recently I learned a friend from college passed away.  Immediately, my mind went to a place of memory and melancholy.  In my moment of pause, I reflected on conversations, smiles, questions, and times of utter confusion about the future.  Over the years, with each encounter, our parting words were “I’ll see you later” or “The next time”.  Now, as I stand aside and allow life to continue the path it holds for all of us.  It is a bitter pill to swallow, knowing that our last “next time” was truly…our last.

People come into and out of our lives at a pace we cannot control.  When they come in, our lives are full, rich, and grow with each and every interaction.  When they leave us, there comes a gaping hole in our continuum of our pathway of living.  We make note of what we no longer have, a muting of synergy, the abandonment of a mutual future that will no longer happen.  This hole has the ability to grow and consume our everyday living.

In the novel, Living Just A Little, all of the characters experience a loss of their own; Parents, friends, lovers, and self.  They take their own journey into the holes of life, seeking light, seeking life.  Not everyone finds what they need but they all will eventually find something…what they do with it is up to them.

They call it “passing” because truly, we all are just passing through this world.  We have to make the best and most of the time we have with the people we are with.  And the hole…the hole is now for us to take the best of times…the best of the memories…the best of what we mean to each other…and fill it in…and that is one way for all of us to be whole.

As you look to tomorrow, ask yourself…are you living your life to the fullest or simply living just a little?

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What say you?

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